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What is Project TUSSLE?

Project TUSSLE is an in-development open-source fighting engine meant to emulate platform fighting games, such as Super Smash Bros. The game itself is a series of frameworks and editors to allow users to create their own stages, fighters, and modes. TUSSLE is meant to be accessible to non-programmers to quickly make their favorite characters, while still allowing experienced creators to make characters that push the engine to its absolute limit.

As the game goes further in development, and the player base grows, TUSSLE will become more than just an engine, it will serve as a community hub of creative works, to build a game where anything can happen. Future endeavors include an online module repository, a community-driven character rating and balancing system, and tournaments.


- Simple tools for building any character you can imagine! Take sprites from video game classics or draw up your own, then get to creating!

- Customize your game however you see fit, the entire physics engine is at your control! Enable wavedashing, change shield stun, tweak gravity, then save and share your presets with others!

- Use your own collection of music in-game, with options to adjust song frequency, and even set up playlists instead of loops for stages or game sessions!

- FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH GAMECUBE CONTROLLERS! (Assuming you have a PC-compatible Gamecube controller adapter)

- Fully open source, and freely modifiable! Take the engine and modify it into a classical beat-em-up, create a more traditional fighting game experience, or create sprawling single-player adventure stages!

- And to top it all off, TUSSLE is, and will always be, FREE!

Technical Details

TUSSLE is made from the ground-up in Python. It's cross-platform, and characters created in Windows will work on Mac or Linux, and vice versa. Right now, this means that TUSSLE is limited to 2D sprites and environments, although, once completed, I do intend to create a TUSSLE 2 of sorts in Unity that would allow for 3D fighters (but that's a long ways off)

The characters work as, essentially, a large finite state machine. Each action that can be taken, such as walking, attacking, or rolling, is a list of instructions to be played out on specific frames of the action or when a trigger is reached. This allows for a very versatile character that can have as many complex animations and states as you want them to. If you want a character to do something abnormal, you can create your own version of a basic action for the character, without having to modify the physics engine and potentially breaking other characters. If you don't need anything different? Just put some animations on top of the base actions and call it a day. Everything is implemented for you, but fully modifiable if it does not suit your needs.

The code is open source and freely available on GitHub, https://github.com/digiholic/universalSmashSystem. If you're an experienced programmer and want to make a change, feel free to fork your own distribution or submit a pull request. TUSSLE is a game for everyone, *by* everyone.


Subreddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/ProjectTUSSLE/

Weekly Blog Posts - http://projecttussle.com/

Weekly Dev Streams - Saturday at 2PM MST/1PM PST https://www.twitch.tv/digiholic

Twitter - https://twitter.com/TUSSLEdev

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC416SW5rkbsc6zuJc...

The fastest way to report bugs or contact the dev team is to post on our subreddit. We are always accepting contributions and team members, send me a message and let me know what you want to contribute.

Project TUSSLE: Your Game, Your Fight, Your Rules.


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menu detected my gamepad and I set binds but in-game it didn't work, didn't even attempt to use keyboard